Knowledge and Veils

At the very beginning of the Bible, it says that Adam knew his wife, and she gave birth to their sons. The word know means experiencing intimacy, not just knowing facts. With that in mind, let us commence:

It took me a while to understood the image of a bride wearing a veil. Why would a man marry a woman who was symbolically hidden? Wouldn't you want to know who you are marrying before you step into that commitment? Yet, we have to make promises all the time without fully knowing what we're signing up for. You can prepare as much as you can, but there comes a point of faith.



Our perspective from within the Normal can't gauge well.

Normal is relative. We know this to be true. While I was in Mexico, a lot of things were out of my Normal. But I didn't want to go all tourist and snap pictures left and right. I realised: to the natives, this all was normal. After I came back from that trip, I gazed around in awe at the USA, what had once been normal to me. The friend who picked me up at the airport didn't see what I saw.

It's all relative.

My Arrogance is Constantly Being Revealed

The other day I found a pair of work jeans in my possession that I hadn't used in a while, so I wore them to work. These jeans had splotches of yellow paint on them. When I was in Mexico, our team painted the porch yellow.

I realised part way through the day: when I put those pants on in the morning, I had sub-consciously hoped everyone around me would realise the yellow pain was from Mexico and be amazed I went to Mexico.

I mean, really?! It's as stupid as it sounds. I started off a day expecting others to think I am amazing. And how on earth were they supposed to know all that about me from paint spots on my jeans?

Seriously, Pete: life is not about you.


Thanks for your patience, unresponsive world.

Have you ever been utterly silenced when you realise your immense inadequacy, ignorance, and arrogance?

Shut up when you see you know nothing about anything at all like you thought?

Hit with the brick wall of realisation that you're not who you thought you were, and neither are others?

Thus: my lack of blogposts in the past months.

These are not bad things. I'm learning so much once I get over myself and admit I have learning to do.

I've been told your Greatest Day is the day you see yourself for who you really are. That means both your Brokenness in and of yourself and God's Grace that you are no longer that man.

I used to hope that someday I'd have a magically life-altering come-to-Jesus sort of Greatest Day. But I've been having so many Greatest Days over these past few months. So apparently it's a lifestyle, not an event.

The Realisation is no fun, but neither is the Repenting, because that includes admitting I'm wrong, and that means sacrificing my arrogance.

But I'm learning.